Behind The Project

Connected Through Caring was Co-Founded by Kassi, Maya, Mark, Isabella, and Miriam in April 2020.

Hi everyone! My name is Kassi Coviello and I am honored to have Co-Founded this wonderful program and serve as Director of the Letter Writing Initiative. It’s been rewarding to cultivate these relationships with seniors, the facilities, and the volunteers! A little about my background, I achieved my MBA in Sport Management in August 2020 from Florida Atlantic University (FAU). My goal is to work for a professional sport franchise within the finance, marketing, management, or research and development department. A big goal of mine would be to become a general manager of a professional sports team and then commissioner of a league. Other passions of mine include research projects, furthering my education, and volunteering! Thank you for your participation and interest in our project!

Hello everyone! My name is Maya Khazem and I am honored to serve as the Co-Founder and Director of the Video Chat Initiative for Connected Through Caring. I have been able to expand our reach to touch the hearts of many seniors by facilitating
the donation of three brand new iPads and stands to three separate facilities across Palm Beach and Broward counties. Currently, I am a senior at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) pursuing a Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences with aspirations to attend medical school. At FAU, I serve as the Director of Advocacy, Healthcare Administration, and Public Health in Medicine for the American Medical Student Association and I conduct
geriatrics research within FAU’s College of Medicine. When I’m not studying, you can catch me baking, traveling, and playing soccer!

Hello! My name is Mark and I am currently in the Biomedical Sciences Master’s program at FAU. I went to FAU for my undergrad too, where I graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences and Chemistry last year! I’m originally from New Jersey and moved to Florida just 3 years ago. On a normal day, you could typically find me in the emergency department at a few local hospitals, where I work as a scribe, or working on a research project with the FAU College of Medicine. Aside from work and school, you can find me watching a Real Madrid game or cooking up something new in my kitchen!

Hi everyone! My name is Isabella and I am a graduate student at Florida Atlantic University. I earned my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences at FAU and I am currently pursing a Master’s in Biomedical Sciences. I currently work as a General Chemistry TA and was previously an Organic Chemistry TA during my undergraduate career. My goal is to pursue a career in the medical field and to serve those in need. When I am not studying, I enjoy spending time with family and exploring the world.

Miriam A. Campo is the Assistant Vice President for Research in the Office of Sponsored Programs at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). She is a Co-Founder of Connected Through Caring (CTC) and serves as a mentor to the CTC team. As part of CTC, Miriam set out to make cards for the residents of an assisted living facility. To date, she has delivered approximately 450 cards, of which, she personally made about 250 of them. She has gathered a team of “helpers” that have contributed to making the cards. These helpers include family members, friends, colleagues, colleagues’ children, and even students of a 5th grade class. What started out as a summer project to bring some comfort and joy to seniors who were secluded as a result of COVID has turned into a project of love and one that Miriam plans on continuing.

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