Connected Through Caring is a project founded by Florida Atlantic University (FAU) students Kassi, Isabella, Mark, Maya, and mentor Miriam. Our mission is to offer support, motivation, and gratitude to the South Florida community during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To do this, we want to send motivating letters to the essential workers on the front lines of this pandemic and promote multi-generational conversation, all while practicing social distancing. How? Through three components: a letter writing campaign, a community-based pen pal program and a video communication initiative. 

Read Below to Participate!

Letters of Encouragement

The letters will be a one-time correspondence to nursing home residents and essential staff members. The letters will be distributed to nursing home residents and the letters of gratitude are for the essential workers who are putting their health and safety on the line to better serve their communities. The letters will be collected through email and the website which will then be distributed electronically, unless a specific facility requests paper copies of the letters.

Pen Pal Program

The pen pal program will match FAU students and seniors in the community based on common interests. Prospective participants will be asked to complete a form signifying their interests! Once matched, participants will receive an email with their new pen pal and shared interests. The pen pal letters will be collected from FAU students via email and will be printed and distributed to participants in assisted living facilities. The corresponding letters will be picked up and scanned to FAU students. Seniors with personal computers will receive their correspondence through email.

Video Chat Initiative

The COVID-19 pandemic is notorious for hurting the elderly at a greater intensity than other populations. With this knowledge, many older adults now fear for their lives, and especially those living in assisted living facilities and nursing homes where the virus can spread rapidly. As social distancing is encouraged, family and friends are now restricted from visiting their loved ones, which is a source of distress for many nursing home residents. In an effort to relieve some stress on the nursing home residents and to maintain social distancing, a resident and FAU student volunteer will participate in multi-generational conversation through video chatting. To accomplish this, we need YOUR help!

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